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using a progressive understanding of sustainability as starting point we manufacture clothing: anti-elitist, lo-fi, handmade and intimate. like any advanced production of art we see fashion as a contribution to a classless society. rebellious, subtle and gentle we want to confront the injustice we perceive in our world with our daydreams and aspirations.
our criticism is directed towards the ruthless system of capitalisic internalisation, we confront this with the principles of diy, which we use persistently in all parts of our work. shaped by our experiences and ideas selected items are deconstructed and set up in a new context. already existing elements are connected with inspiration from other parts of life and art, especially independent film- and musicproduction. after all we want to point out a lack in the reality of our lifes. contrary to fashion trends we never see our work as finished or complete, but we define it as work in progress.
all our items are made to a consistently high quality standard in materials and workmanship. from the first sketch to the last stitch each of our designs is hand-made by us. the pricing is not caused by a capitalist pursuit of profits but is carefully calculated based on the materials used and the effort involved. the individuality and independence of each piece together with their built-in longevity should more than justify the price.